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YH-31034 Four motors beauty bed treatment chair massage table beauty furniture

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Elegant
  • Professional
  • Very comfortable
  • Rotary
  • High quality with competitive price

Product Details

Rotary beauty bed is a high-level technology, because the seat can be easily rotated on its axis.

This beauty bed is made of the best quality material and can be used for treatment chairs.

We chose a very high quality PU artificial leather, which has strong resistance to ultraviolet rays and various chemicals.

This high quality interior decoration also has a soft feather feeling, combined with a memo foam, and has a good experience of lying and sitting.

There is an adjustable height pillow with a nostril, such as a beneficial back and neck massage.

You can breathe freely with your nose and mouth through ergonomically engineered nose and face grooves.

The retractable pillow is equipped with a soft feather pillow to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible in the course of treatment.

Four motors adjust height, back, legs and whole bed incline to make your customers feel comfortable.

Motor 1: For high/low function

Motor 2: Used to adjust footrest

Engine 3: Used to adjust the backrest

Motor 4: Used to adjust incline

Manual rotation

Load capacity: 200 KG


Long: 186 cm - 200 cm 

Width : with armrest 80 cm

Width without 60 cm

Minimum height 62 cm

Maximum height 92 cm

The armrests are very strong. If your customers accidentally step on the armrest, you don't have to worry. The armrest won't be damaged.

More than 40 colours are available.


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